Safe, fast and easy

Mobile payment app Mobile payment app Safe, fast and easy payments
Safe, fast and easy payments

Why use Payconiq?

You can access all your contacts by phone or mail for peer-to-peer transactions
Use your smartphone to pay for anything at our partnershops
You get double advantages thanks to the integration of the Qustomer loyalty card

Pay your friends Peer-2-Peer

Loaned some money from a friend? Thanks to the peer-to-peer function, you can immediately repay that friend. You will also find all phone and mail contacts, instantly ready for transactions without exchanging long and complex bank accounts.
Pay your friends
Pay in stores

Pay in stores Direct Pay

Stop looking for change at the store! With Direct Pay, you can directly pay for all your stuff with your smartphone. Just open the app, add the amount and your PIN and the merchant gets a confirmation of the payment via his Payconiq system.

Loyalty Loyalty/Qustomer

Thanks to the integration of the Qustomer loyalty card in the Payconiq-app, you can now pay and get loyalty credit with your smartphone at the same time. The only thing left to do, is to upload your Qustomer card in the Payconiq app. After that, you will automatically have them with you at all times everywhere you go!