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I received an SMS from Payconiq saying “Your Payconiq ( BV ) mandate SMS code is: 12345.” What can I do with this? 2017-07-12T12:14:24+00:00

This code is used to sign the mandate which is necessary to finalize your Payconiq registration. Upon linking your bank account with Payconiq you will be asked to fill out the code that is sent to you. After filling in the 5 digit code, the mandate is validated. 

How do I transfer the 0,01 EUR verification payment to Payconiq? 2017-07-12T12:12:52+00:00

Just do a regular bank transfer. Please keep in mind that you use the IBAN which you also used for connecting with Payconiq. There are two ways of making the bank transaction to Payconiq. You can either create a new payment on your mobile banking app or make a transaction on your online banking site. Tip: You can copy Payconiq´s bank account number upon registration.

I am not able to transfer the 0,01 EUR verification to the Payconiq ING bank account. 2017-07-12T12:11:11+00:00

Please make sure that you have allowed international transactions on your bank account. Some banks block cross border transactions by default. In case a payment is not possible, we kindly request to contact your bank for more information on accepting international payments.

Am I charged for the verification transaction? 2017-07-12T12:09:37+00:00

There are no additional transaction fees included in countries where Payconiq is active. You only pay 0,01 EUR.

Why do I need to transfer more than 0,01 EUR to Payconiq for the registration? 2017-07-12T12:08:35+00:00

Payconiq will ask for 0,01 EUR to be transferred. However, there is an exception. If you wish to complete the onboarding with a joint bank account more than once at the same time, you will be asked to transfer 0,02 EUR. This also applies when you complete the onboarding on two different devices at the same time. As this is a different onboarding attempt you will have to transfer a different amount.

Can I not pay the 0,01 EUR and still register? 2017-08-28T11:30:24+00:00

If you have a bank account at ING Belgium, KBC/CBC or Belfius and you have downloaded their application on your phone, you can verify your account without the 0,01 EUR transaction. In this case you can connect your account directly with one of the partner banks´ mobile applications.

Why do I need to transfer 0,01 EUR as a verification to register with Payconiq? 2017-07-12T12:07:03+00:00

Keeping your money and data safe is our first priority. Therefore, we need to confirm that you are the owner the bank account you entered. You simply do so by transferring a 0,01 EUR to Payconiq.

I didn’t receive the SMS code. What went wrong? 2017-07-12T12:28:49+00:00

Could you specify which SMS code you mean? The 0,01 EUR verification code or the SMS code to verify your phone number?
If you mean the 0,01 EUR verification, we kindly request you to check the following:

A) What bank account number did you use when registering?

B) When did you make the transaction? (It may take up to two working days for Payconiq to receive your payment).

C) What is the amount of your payment?

To whom should I transfer the 0,01 EUR? 2017-07-12T11:52:21+00:00

Please use ”Payconiq” as the beneficiary name.

I have transferred more than 0,01 EUR to validate my account. What now? 2017-07-12T11:49:02+00:00

Your bank account can only be verified in case you transferred 0,01 EUR to Payconiq. If you transferred more than 0,01 EUR, please send an email to and mention your bank account number.

Why do I need to transfer money to a Dutch bank account? 2017-07-12T11:40:58+00:00

Payconiq is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and therefore has a Dutch Bank account.

The app says that my e-mail address is invalid. Why? 2017-03-14T13:18:22+00:00
If you get the error message ”Please enter a valid e-mail address” the e-mail address you have entered has not been linked to a Payconiq account (yet). Please consider if you might have used a different e-mail address. Alternatively please click on ”Sign up” to start registering again.
I have forgotten my PIN, what to do? 2017-04-19T14:00:46+00:00

After inserting your PIN incorrectly five times, the following happens:

The screen “Account blocked on this device” is displayed. Please press the “Verify my bank account” button to start unblocking your account.

The verification process can either be done via your personal banking app or via a transaction code. In case you signed up without using a banking app, you will receive a new 5-digit transaction code. Set up a new PIN by following the instructions on the screen and inserting this transaction code into the app.

Can I see when and where I used Payconiq, and the amount of my transactions? 2017-02-21T13:36:28+00:00

In the Payconiq app, please go to the ”Transactions” tab where you can view your transactions.

The app says I have no connection. What now? 2017-02-21T13:36:15+00:00

Please check your internet connection – are you using Wi-Fi? Otherwise try switching on your mobile data or connect to a more stable network. Sometimes, you need to login into a Wi-Fi account before being able to access the internet.

How do I find contacts that use Payconiq? 2017-02-21T13:36:08+00:00

In the app, go to the “Contacts” tab and you’ll see all your contacts that already use it on the top of the screen.

The transaction code isn’t working. What should I do? 2017-02-21T13:36:40+00:00

The transaction code you received on the IBAN you entered during registration should work. If it does not, it could be that you cancelled your registration and started again.Request a new code. Use the home button to leave the app after requesting the new code. Use the new code. The code is valid for 30 days or until you request a new one.

Can I change my payment limits? 2017-03-15T16:14:42+00:00

Limits for users registered via their IBAN are set by Payconiq and cannot be changed. If you however registered via a banking app you may change your limits, depending on the settings in the respective app. In order to do this please contact your bank directly.

I didn’t receive the SMS code. What went wrong? 2017-02-21T13:36:59+00:00

Make sure the number you inserted is correct, and please be patient. It can take up to an hour to receive the SMS code. If the code still hasn’t arrived, press “No SMS received?” to request a new one or check if the phone number is correct. If this does not solve your problem, e-mail us your name and mobile number.

The application isn’t working. It seems to be stuck. What should I do? 2017-02-21T13:37:13+00:00

If you reset your smartphone, the app should be running. Every smartphone has its own way to reset it. You can also check the app store or google play for the most recent update. Please note that the app only runs on iOS 8.1 / Android 4.1 or higher.

I received the transaction code. Where can I enter this code? 2017-02-21T13:37:20+00:00

Please open the Payconiq app. It will open the page where you left before you requested the code.

Do I need to be an ING, KBC, CBC or Belfius client in order to use Payconiq? 2017-04-19T16:22:04+00:00

No, you can link any European checkings account to your Payconiq account.

When I try to open the Payconiq app I get a message that my iPhone has been jailbroken. What does this mean? 2017-02-21T13:37:32+00:00

Jailbreaking is a hack that frees your iPhone from Apple’s restrictions. Unfortunately our app does not run on jailbroken devices, due to security reasons as our app checks your phone for possible threats. Please open Safari and run “cydia://open”. Any app that opens due to this command you will need to uninstall the app in order for Payconiq to run.

I have made a wrong payment, what should I do now? 2017-03-29T16:52:47+00:00

When money is transferred to the wrong merchant please inform the merchant and then email us to provide us with as many details (amount, the receiving party, the date and your account information) as possible concerning the payment.

I can’t seem to find any merchants in my area, what’s going on? 2017-02-21T13:38:07+00:00

Check if you’re GPS localization has been turned on. It might also help to use Wi-Fi and mobile data as well to increase accuracy.

Accidently my name has been misspelled when registering, how can I change this in the app? 2017-03-15T16:33:06+00:00

Please delete your profile and register again, using the correct name.

Why are there no names in my Payconiq contacts, just numbers? 2017-02-21T13:38:41+00:00

Please update your contact list as Payconiq displays your contacts exactly like you saved them in your phone book. This means that Payconiq only copies your own address book from your SIM card or internal storage – this means for example if you saved people on both, the contact will appear twice.

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